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Director : Priyadarshan
Writer : Manisha Korde, Priyadarshan
Release Date : Feb 13 2009
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Run Time : 137 min
Language : Hindi,Awadhi
Description :
Based in Budbuda, Uttar Pradesh, Billu Vilas Pardesi barely makes a living as a barber. His wife, Bindiya, looks after the household, and his children, Gunja and Ronak, are on the verge of being expelled from Gyaan Bharti Vidyalay Higher Secondary School due to non-payment of fees. Then everything changes when Bollywood actor Sahir Khan makes an appearance to film a movie in the town. Rumors spread that Billu is Sahir's close friends, and he becomes a celebrity virtually overnight. His shop gets donations and clientèle, and the school decides to educate his children for free. The trouble begins when townsfolk want to meet with Sahir but Billu is unable to contact him.


actors Irrfan Khan Billu Vilas Pardesi
actors Shah Rukh Khan Sahir Khan
actors Lara Dutta Bindiya B. Pardesi
actors Om Puri Daamchand
actors Rajpal Yadav Jhalan Kumar
actors Asrani Mobat Chacha
actors Kareena Kapoor Herself 'Marjaani'
actors Deepika Padukone Herself 'Love mera hit hit'
actors Uday Atroliyer Sub-Inspector
actors Ahsan Bakshi Police Inspector
actors Ashwini Bhatt Yeshwant - Sahir's P.A.
actors Sunil Bob School Committee Member
actors Priyanka Chopra Herself 'You Get me rocking and reeling'
actors Pratik Dalvi Ronak 'Duggu' B. Pardesi
actors Jayant Gadekar P.I. Jayant
actors Jagdish Madan - Billu's competitor
actors Manoj Joshi Damodar Dubey - School Committee Member
actors Rasika Joshi Mrs. Gahalot - School Principal
actors Vineet Kapoor School Committee Member
actors Mitali Mayekar Gunja B. Pardesi
actors Rushi Mistry D.S.P.
actors Lalit Parashar Neighbour
actors Atul Parchure Charandas Chaubey - Guesthouse Manager
actors Kanchan Rawat Schoolteacher
actors Shankar Sachdev D.P. Kansana - Municipal Officer
actors Rishikesh Sharma Police Inspector
actors Chirag Vohra Movie Director
actors Ameya Wagh Jeetendra - Employee of 'Modern Madan'